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    The lights are back on and business as usual today.
     12th Dec 17  25 View Post  
    We have evaluated the roads and our external cameras, spoken to suppliers and the decision is to remain closed today. We will be open tomorrow as weather forecasts show no more snow and hopefully the snowploughs and gritters will have made an impact on creating safer conditions for our team and guests to travel safely.
     11th Dec 17  13 View Post  
    Winter has arrived to Lichfield and due to the conditions of the roads we have made the decision to close on the grounds of safety for our team and guests. Enjoy the moment of whiteness. We have notified all guests who have booked and it is not an easy decision with a full oven of slow roasted Beef, Lamb and Gammon, however it is the right one to put safety first.
     10th Dec 17  25 View Post  
    Which do you think will take first place for Christmas Main Meal choices this Christmas season 2017?
     4th Dec 17  2 View Post  
    Worth the trip to get it right. Good to hear we getting it right
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     2nd Dec 17  3 View Post  
    Merry Christmas from Albert the McKenzie’s mascot, trying the Christmas cheers - Mulled Wine £3.50 per cup
     1st Dec 17  12 View Post  
    It’s that time again guys xx
     1st Dec 17  4 View Post  
    Loved this Prawn Linguine that the chefs created today. It even made the plate look like it was spicy after the request for extra chilli 🌶 was made.
     29th Nov 17  9 View Post  
    Love sharing our guests comments with our team. Been away and 98% reviews were 5 Stars 🌟 great team. Here is one comment to show consistency is alive in McKenzie’s when we are away.
     28th Nov 17  25 View Post