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  • Non Red Meat Lovers
  • Fresh from the Sea
    Our partner supplier is Sandsfish a family run local traditional Fishmonger proudly trading for over 100 years. Serving the community and businesses in Walsall and the surrounding areas. They specialise in sourcing the finest freshest Fish & Shellfish from around our beautiful British coastline and beyond. We buy daily so if we get as fresh a product as possible to your table
    Fish and Chips
    Tender sustainable fillet of haddock in our light and crispy golden beer batter, served with McKenzie’s twice-cooked chips and homemade mushy peas.
    Delicious and light, oven-baked fillet of sea bass with pan-fried smoked pancetta and cherry tomatoes, on a bed of wilted baby spinach with fresh green beans, new potatoes and our homemade green pesto.
    Perfectly grilled swordfish on a bed of baby leaf salad, fresh cherry tomatoes, red onion, and feta, drizzled with a zesty Mediterranean vinaigrette, and served with baby new potatoes.
    Grilled Sardines
    Fresh grilled sardine fillets with baby leaf salad, juicy cherry tomatoes and red onion, drizzled with a zesty citrus dressing, arranged on toasted homemade bread, and garnished with McKenzie’s relish.
    King Prawn Linguine
    Fresh king prawns in a fiery slow roasted tomato sauce with garlic and a kick of chilli, tossed together in freshly prepared linguine and topped with rocket leaf.
    Cape Malay King Prawn
    This distinctive and tasty authentic curry relies heavily on the special blend of spices, served with banana, red onion, tomato and spicy flatbread.
    From the Farm
    Penne with butternut squash
    Penne with sweet butternut squash and tender green beans, combined with McKenzie’s green pesto, cherry tomatoes and red onion, topped with crumbled goat’s cheese.
    Vegetarian Wellington
    This puff pastry parcel is bursting with sweet butternut squash, aubergine, kale and fresh herbs, dressed with juicy cherry tomatoes and red onion, drizzled with a zesty citrus dressing.
    Chicken with pinot grigio white wine and mushroom sauce
    Grilled, succulent chicken breast in our special blend of Pinot Grigio white wine, fresh cream and porcini mushroom sauce, with fresh green beans and baby new potatoes.
    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Slow cooked minced pork and beef in an opulent, sun ripened tomato sauce and tossed together with our freshly prepared spaghetti, and finished with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
    Spaghetti alla carbonara
    This simple, yet oh-so-luxurious dish is a rich tangle of freshly prepared pasta, pan-fried crispy pancetta and creamy egg mixture, which is both luscious and wonderfully indulgent.
    (V) Garlic Bread
    (V) Garlic Bread with Cheese
    (V) House Salad
    (V) Rocket & Parmesan Salad
    With a Balsamic glaze dressing
    (V) McKenzie's Chips
    (V) Onion Rings
    (V) New Potatoes
    (V) Sharing Bread
  •  Gratuities is not included, all prices are inclusive of vat. We make almost everything here, so we will be more than happy to cater for your allergens and other requirements.